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Have insurance? Good luck finding an in-network mental health professional. And be prepared to pay a bundle out-of-pocket. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Andrew Popper wanted to see lower- and middle-income patients who often face the greatest mental health challenges. He also thought taking insurance was part of a well-rounded practice. But years of hassles to get insurance companies to pay routine claims wore him down. For Popper, who practices in the Boston area and volunteers as an instructor at Harvard Medical School, the last straw came in 2022. Suddenly, an elderly patient he’d been seeing for more than a decade was getting her weekly claims turned down. The amount was just $30, but the money mattered to the patient. Popper said he made about a half-dozen calls to the insurance company – often more than 30 minutes each when the prompts and time on hold were factored in. Each time, the company’s representative agreed there’d been a mistake – but the claims were never paid.  Better health
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Sanders pledges $30M for mental health and substance abuse Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Arkansas Department of Human Services plan to invest $30 million into mental health and substance abuse services. The money will come from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). State of play:  In 2021, 637 people in Arkansas died of drug overdoses,  according to the CDC . Still, the state's rate of 22.3 deaths per 100,000 people was 11th-lowest in the country. Meanwhile, Arkansans reported having more poor mental health days, averaging 5.5 in a 30-day period compared to 4.4 nationally,  according to the 2023 report from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.      More
  Medicare Changes Are Coming Prediction: more telehealth with remote patient monitoring. telethink .net #physicians #therapists #247support Consumers often don’t notice what the agency is doing. But we’re at an inflection point, where several sets of slow-moving changes to Medicare have set in motion significant shifts that will be felt by all Medicare users. Understanding what’s going on can help you make the right decisions about your health care. I’ll provide some context for the changes and then explain them. More
Trends shaping the business of health insurance in 2024
“It’s crucial to have an advocate speak for you,” Brasler added. “Especially if you can’t speak for yourself.” Get Care Navigation/Advocacy & Health Professional Opinions
  Switching carriers could come with a nasty financial surprise: a new deductible. Friday Health Plans started in Colorado in 2015 with hopes of revolutionizing the health insurance market. Nearly a decade later, the company has imploded, leaving tens of thousands of people scrambling to find new health insurance in Colorado and beyond. more Telethink , avoid deductibles altogether
  Telethink Health - Reduce My Medical Bills "... among those who experienced coverage problems in the last year, roughly 1 in 6 said the result was delayed care or no care at all. And one-quarter said that when they did get care, it cost more out-of-pocket than they had been expecting." more