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Six US House representatives recently introduced a bipartisan bill that aims to expand access to telehealth benefits for American workers. “Even as businesses return to more in-person work, we should not turn our backs on successful telehealth programs that benefited workers in Washington state and across the country,” said DelBene, in a press release. “Everyone – regardless of where they live – should be able to access quality care when and where they need it. The Telehealth Benefit Expansion for Workers Act is an important step toward modernizing our health care system to ensure patients can connect with their health care providers from the comfort of their homes on their own schedule.” more   #directcare Telethink #telehealththatpays
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It’s ‘Telehealth vs. No Care’: Doctors Say Congress Risks Leaving Patients Vulnerable “Patients like it and they want to continue doing it,” Darling said, adding that doctors — especially psychologists — like telehealth too. If Congress decides not to continue funding for remote at-home visits after 2024, Darling said, she fears patients will have to drive again for appointments that could have been handled remotely." Gibson, who is also medical director for Little Colorado Behavioral Health Centers in Arizona, said one key question for policymakers as they look ahead is not whether telehealth is better than face-to-face. It’s “telehealth vs. no care,” she said. More Best telehealth for family and business
  Telehealth Gave Orgs Economic Boost, Cut Carbon Footprint Recent research found that telehealth led to the saving of over 53 million miles in travel distance and over $22 million in travel costs. January 18, 2023  - "A recent study from UC Davis Health  found  that the uptake of telehealth during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic improved patient outcomes and led to noticeable financial and environmental benefits , largely due to the cut in carbon footprint associated with virtual visits."  more   Best telehealth plans for  family  or  business .
Humana CFO: Primary Care Growth To Accelerate Home Health Utilization “If you can get primary care to grow, they sort of hold the strings for so many other opportunities,” Diamond said. “They can enroll and refer to CenterWell Pharmacy, they can enroll and refer to CenterWell Home Health. more Telethink for #homehealth #employeebenefits #costreduction
  Telehealth cut health care's carbon footprint and patients' costs during the pandemic "Our study documented the many benefits of utilizing telehealth for ambulatory visits," said Sristi Sharma, a UC Davis preventive medicine physician and lead author of the study. "It is the first, large-scale study to evaluate the round-trip distance, time, and cost-saving, and greenhouse gas emissions prevented from telehealth use during the pandemic."  more Best coverage Telethink
Preparing for the End of the PHE: How Federal Telehealth Policy is Expected to Change in 2023: How Federal Policy Is Expected To Change. With the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) likely ending in 2023 it has become increasingly urgent for providers to start preparing themselves for its imminent termination.  The PHE was initially  declared  by the  Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  on January 31, 2020, and has been renewed every 90 days since.  The most recent renewal occurred October 13, 2022, ensuring the PHE would remain until at least January 11, 2023, however it is expected that the PHE will be renewed one more time until April 11, 2023  more Telethink for home and business
Want a clue on health care costs in advance? New tools take a crack at it Insurers must make the cost information available for 500 nonemergency services considered “shoppable,” meaning patients generally have time to consider their options. The federal requirement stems from the  Transparency in Coverage rule  finalized in 2020. more    Best telehealth for employees and employers