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  This Nonprofit Health System Cuts Off Patients With Medical Debt Many hospitals in the United States use aggressive tactics to collect medical debt. They flood local courts with collections lawsuits. They garnish patients’ wages. They seize their tax refunds. But a wealthy nonprofit health system in the Midwest is among those taking things a step further: withholding care from patients who have unpaid medical bills. Allina Health System, which runs more than 100 hospitals and clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin and brings in $4 billion a year in revenue, sometimes rejects patients who are deep in debt, according to internal documents and interviews with doctors, nurses and patients. more *Stop paying high deductibles and avoid unnecessary office, urgent care and emergency visits
  Insurance is Expensive, Health Care Is Not. Telethink Health, search it.
Telethink New Health America Why the concern with the current budget and over spending? It's why our company fights for a better way of paying for health care. Health insurance is expensive, health care is not. Besides, who would you rather pay, your health care provider or, some insurance corpocracy?
How to Reduce Your Medical Bills or, Have Them Forgiven How to find out if your medical bill(s) can be forgiven .  Lots of people qualify— but providers won’t always tell you, or make it easy. Luckily, you can get help. "One of the cruelest aspects of American health-care economic injustice is out-of-pocket spending. Plans with high deductibles are often the only insurance that low- and middle-income families can afford.  The problem is that if they get sick, they go broke or cut back on needed health care or both. Unaffordable deductibles add insult to injury."  HEALTH CARE un-covered " A high-deductible health plan has a deductible of at least $1,400 for single coverage or $2,800 for family coverage."  Forbes Consider Our Direct Family Care Coverage Instead of Paying Thousands With High Deductible Insurance and Save Our network was recognized in 2021 by J.D. Power as a top direct-to-consumer telehealth provider, it was also ranked on the I
HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOUR MEDICAL BILL CAN BE FORGIVEN Lots of people qualify— but providers won’t always tell you, or make it easy. Luckily, you can get help. Sponsored by Telethink Health If you’re facing a medical bill, you may qualify to get it written off entirely.  Charity care policies make that possible. The majority of U.S. hospitals are non-profits, and they’re legally required to have charity care policies, sometimes they’re called financial assistance policies. These policies mean that if your income falls below a certain level, the hospital has to forgive your bill. This is even more powerful than it might seem, for three reasons: First, you don’t necessarily have to be dirt poor to qualify for help:   Many hospitals give financial assistance to people with incomes at multiples of the federal poverty level.  Second, for-profits often have charity-care policies too — and  studies   show  they’re at least as generous as nonprofits, on the whole. Third, charity care isn’t limit
The long-overlooked solution to upend health care economics: Bringing the hospital home "The current incentive system is actually backwards. It favors services rendered in hospitals by reacting to illness instead of preventing it and creating wellness. With advanced technologies in place, once we align payment systems to focus on preventative and home-based care, we can build the powerful healthcare system of the future." more #homehealth Telethink #aginginplace
More care at home could save Medicare, lawmakers believe " A new bill from Reps.  Adrian Smith  (R-Neb.) and  Debbie Dingell  (D-Mich.) that aims to reduce care in hospitals and other health care facilities and increase it in living rooms marks a rare, bipartisan collaboration on a potential solution to  Medicare’s financing problem . And it has drawn support from tech companies, insurers, venture capitalists, providers and telehealth advocates."  more And We'll Be There To Help  Telethink Health